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Head lice are perfectly evolved human predators. They establish and maintain residence on the human head. They copulate and reproduce on the host. The host’s blood nourishes them. Their success in infesting people far exceeds other nasty human parasites such as pinworm or hookworm. Achieving control of these resistant head lice can be difficult, time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you use the wrong products. 

There is an alarming trend for head lice to quickly develop resistance to all synthetic pesticide POISONS.  Doctors and p
harmacists are well aware of this problem of resistance. Pathogenic microorganisms have also become resistant to many antibiotics, forcing manufacturers to develop novel chemical structures in the hope that resistance will not develop. It should come as no surprise that rapidly reproducing insects such as head lice will quickly develop resistance to all the various synthetic pesticide POISONS being used and misused in order to try to control them.  Many studies show that lice are becoming more and more resistant to all the various current pediculicde POISONS. 

If you continue to be infested with live lice after treatment after treatment, discontinue all use of these synthetic POISONS and don't use any other synthetic POISONS in the vain hope of trying to kill the resistant head lice. Remember, these products are not mere shampoos, medicines, crèmes or lotions, they are really pesticide POISONS.

You need to try Safe Solutions, Inc. FDA registered medical device called Lice R Gone. 
Lice R Gone will safely and far more effectively remove even resistant lice and has a money-back guarantee if it does not solve even your resistant lice and nit problems.  http://www.licergone.com/

The Institute of Pest Management, Inc and the author of THE BEST CONTROL II have tested and found Safe Solutions Lice R Gone® to be the safest, fastest and most economical lice and nit removal solution on the market, priced at just over a dollar per treatment, you simply can't afford to use anything else! One 8 oz. bottle is enough to treat an entire family's infestation. 

Lice R Gone® is registered as a Medical Device by the FDA and is protected by two patents in the USA, Canada and Australia.
It is the only real money-back guarantee on the market today.

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